Sheriff Callie, the best of the west.

Sheriff Callie, the main character. She is a calico cat who wears a pink cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots as well as a vest, white shirt, and sheriff badge. She has a magic noodle lasso that can turn into different shapes for different purposes. Sheriff Callie always knows just what's right and serves as the sheriff to Nice and Friendly Corners. Her catchphrase is "Sweet sassafras!" In the original Oki's Oasis she was to be named "Oki". Played by Mandy Moore.


  • Callie shares many traits with Wander, from Wander Over Yonder;
    • Both have southern accents.
    • Both play an instrument in a majority of their songs (Callie: Acoustic guitar, Wander: Banjo), both of which have a set of stars on them.
    • Both have a blue horse as a sidekick (Callie: Sparky, Wander: Sylvia).
    • Both wear a star on their outfits (Callie: Sheriff Star, Wander: Star button on hat)
    • Both wear hats.